60 minute call

Book A 1:1 Consulting Call With Connor

4 things about me:
1. Built & sold a 7-figure ecom brand.
2. I buy ~$5M in real estate annually
3. I run a $5M/yr e-commerce brand
4. I run a top 5% podcast by downloads
Things I can advise on:
• Finding Commercial Real Estate Deals
• Managing a self-storage portfolio
• Growing an Amazon FBA company
• Selling your first business (both if you should & how)
• Growing an e-commerce brand
• Podcasts Operations
• Podcast Marketing
• Early Stage Hiring
• Outsourcing Hires in the Philippines
We will spend this 1 hour call talking about your top 2-3 goals, outlining a strategy, and you will leave with an actionable plan every time.